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Larisa Professional Photographer in Montreal, offer her photographer services for lifestyle, photography family, couple, engagements, maternity, pregnancy, newborn, baby, children birthdays, at an affordable price.
A photo session “lifestyle” is all that relates to everyday life. Perhaps you would like to take pictures of your child’s birthday, a family photo or your couple who will soon have a baby?

Pregnancy is a unique and very valuable moment in a lifetime. Take advantage of each month of your pregnancy to do follow-up” type series or just wait for the last few months before baby has arrived.

Expectant mothers, I will not tell you to bring your wardrobe complete for a photo shoot… but almost! Everything is possible; it all depends on what you want! Bring several different clothes and even lingerie if you want! Do you have the baby’s future shoes or a toy that you reserve for the first few days? Bring them with you!

I’m the one you need! But let us hear… A lifestyle photo is not limited to birthdays, families or maternity. You can take a session for a graduation, engagement, in a restaurant, at the park, a photo of couple and many others. I’ll help you get your creativity out!

The purchase of my first camera marked the beginning of my passion for family photos, children, couples, marriages and all other events. Relax and let me take care of guiding you during this photography session. Always on a good mood, I bring my energy and my creativity to my photos seen as a work of art.

I recommend, from my experience as a photographer in Montreal, interesting places where you can take beautiful photos for family, couple, engagement, lifestyle, maternity, newborn, children, birthday or pregnancy; in summer, forests and beautiful greenery; in autumn, a sun breaking the clouds, and the leaves with a bright color, red and orange; in winter, during the extreme cold, dream settings for Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, beautiful winter landscapes which faithfully capture the beauty and purity of the snow; in spring, nature returning to normal. The city of Montreal offers many places that will delight all people and couples for memorable photos!

I take beautiful photos/photographs in the location of your choice, such as : Jardin botaniqueCentre de la natureCarrefour Laval; Parc Jarry; Hôtel de Ville Saint-Léonard; Centre de Commerce Mondial de MontréalCrew Collective & Café; Centre-ville de Montréal; Vieux-Port Montréal; Basilique Notre-DameParc Outremont ; Le parc LafontaineLe top du Mount Royal (Mont-Royal)Lac aux Castors ; La grande roue de MontréalAu Marché Maisonneuve dans Hochelaga; Pavillon de la Jamaïque Parc Jean DrapeauJardin botaniqueCentre de la nature, in another parks, etc.

Montreal photographer family. A lifestyle photo can be taken in Montreal, Laval, Longueil, North Shore and South Shore! To give you an idea of my work, you can check out my photos below at an good price!

How much does a family, couple, engagement, lifestyle, maternity, newborn, children, birthday or pregnancy photography session cost? What is the price for a photographer in Montreal? Usually, the base rate for a photo session is between $100.00 to $400.00 or much more, for a basic service or photography service packages. Fees vary according to each photographer, depending on the services requested by each client.

Please check my Pricing page!

I am a professional lifestyle photographer who adapts herself to the personality of each person and couple, that are unique. My goal is to offer you the most personalized services. In other words, I will be at your disposal the time it will take in order to get all the photos you want. Come create your new memories with me!

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