Icône appareil photo avec flash

Ah… and now finally comes the famous question of the prices. You certainly must wonder how does that work: will it be one more time an exorbitant price as on the other sites that you visited? Feel reassured, it is far from being the case. To tell you the truth, I propose something different, something new. Not convinced yet? Wait and read.

For all your photography sessions – weddings, births, portraits, couples,maternity in brief everything that you want, I charge the same price – $125 by per hour (at least 1 hour by session) and I give you back all your photos.

The editing of some images is included in the price.

Within one hour, I can take on average between 50 to 300 photos, according to the dynamics and to the atmosphere, but remember that you’ll receive them all, anyway.

The images will be transferred on a USB key and I’ll give it to you at the end of the session.

For a personalized estimate according to your needs and budget or for any other information, don’t hesitate to communicate with me. To answer at all your questions is my pleasure as much as my professional duty!