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Wedding photographer, portrait, and lifestyle photography in Montreal

Welcome to my site! I’m Larisa Photographer a wedding, family, couple, maternity, event and lifestyle photographer in Montreal. I also specialize in portrait photography and corporate photography too. Wedding photography is art which is a concept that can be represented under different forms. Any of us can interpret and express art in many ways, those are all as valuable. Some rather do it with fashion, while others feel more comfortable with a pencil in their hand, with paint, with sculptures, etc.

So, what about me? Well, it’s simple, if you found yourself scrolling through my website, it’s because you’re looking for a photographer, right? As you could’ve guessed, I consider photography to be an art as important, but especially percussive and ineluctable of the contemporary society we live in today.

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Not only am I passionate and keen about the art of photography, I’m a perfectionist that lives on Montreal’s island, but I can also travel depending on your needs. I cover all the areas from Longueuil to Laval, the North Shore, and the South Shore.

I specialize myself in weddings, and other special events, lifestyle, portraits, and commercial advertising pictures.

Since I’m an extroverted type of person, I’ll try my best to make you feel comfortable during the photo shoot session. It’ll be the perfect moment for you to allow some space to your imagination and to put aside your timidity! In other words, let the artist in you come out, but don’t worry, I’ll also be there to lead you.

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Wedding photography
in Montreal

Capture the pictures of one of your most important days of your life and keep beautiful memories of your wedding day!

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Portrait photography

Photo sessions portraits in different decors and settings, according to your style! I will guide you throughout the session for clichés that resemble you.

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Lifestyle photography
Pregnancy, couple, engagement, friends, family, maternity

You want a photo session with friends, a rounded belly or family portraits? Look no further, you are in the right place!

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Make an appointment today to book me for your wedding, portraits, maternity, engagement or lifestyle photos today! I serve Montreal, Laval and the south shore.